Our Principles


Our Customers Are Benefactors

Our first priority is to create value for them and fulfil their expectations with quality and stability. Our duty is to protect our products and provide after-sale support for our customers. We have a customer-satisfaction oriented work with a proactive approach that will meet the needs and requests of our customers as fast and appropriate as possible. We provide our services as we promised and on time. We have the rules of respect, pride, justice, equality and kindness for our customers.

Best capital of us is our human resource

The quality of our services starts with the quality of our staff. For the sustainability of Boray Estates, we ensure to attract and employ the best staff and skilled labor force, benefit from the skills, power and creativity of our people at the maximum level and increase their efficiencies. With its high quality level service target, Boray Estates has training objective for its staff that will ensure them to work more efficient, effective and in the highest professional level. For such objective, our staff has accomplished the following training programs:

  • Real Estate Sale Skills”
  • “Professional Sale Techniques”
  • “Customer Oriented Sale Techniques”
  • “Effective Marketing and Promotion Strategies”
  • “Effective Sale Skills”
  • “Business Management”
  • “Computer and Secretary”
  • “Leadership”
  • “Motivation”

Essential target of us is being the “BEST” any time

Our main objectives are to be the best at quality and service, and to protect our community image. Our primary principle is to be a pioneer in our field and be a leader in the market. Our annual surveys ensure an improvement and an opportunity to analyse the market for us.

Code of conduct and following honest working principles are indispensible for us

To have fair and mutual benefit from our all relations, our principles are to have goodwill and understanding, and follow laws and ethics. Our another main principle is to fulfil our responsibilities for today and future generations.

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